The Pink Shoes

Our daughter is a very energetic girl. She doesn’t like sitting still, and she loves to dance. What better option to help her out with both, while simultaneously helping her acquire a skill, than to enrol her in dance classes?

The dancing bug she gets from my sister, who used to do ballet with verve and elegance when she was younger. My mom saved most of our stuff, and when she heard that our little miss was starting dance classes, she dug up my sister’s old ballet shoes and gave them to our little dancer. She was thrilled to receive one pair of black velveteen ballet shoes and one pair of plain white ballet shoes in just the right sizes, with the black ones fitting her when she started classes and the white ones being there to replace the black ones once she’d grown out of them.

Being a dedicated dancer, and very enthusiastic during classes, our girl has actually managed to wear out the white pair, and had thus worked through her supply of ballet shoes. It was a sad, yet happy occasion, because it meant a brand new pair of dancing shoes were now required.

We went online and from a site specialising in ballet clothing we ordered a pair of pink ballet shoes (“Just like Barbie!!” Squee!!). They came in today. Since each pair of feet is different, the shoes come with elastic straps that need to be sewn on by hand; this in order to ensure that they fit the feet just right: not too loose, not too tight.

Pink shoes

I guess I’d better get sewing then!

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