Cookies for a Cause

There has been a lot of door-to-door fundraising going on in our neighbourhood lately; it feels to me like it’s more than usual around this time of year. That could have something to do with the fact that the government has decided to cut funding to certain charities, causing them to have to resort to finding funding elsewhere.

Because these days it’s hard to get people to part with their money – times are quite tough at the moment – some charities offer some incentive or some item in return. And that is how we ended up buying cookie baking mix from a non-profit organisation called Live Your Talents. They’re an organisation dedicated to encouraging self-awareness in teenagers in order to give themselves some room for exploring their talents at a time in their lives when they experience a lot of pressure to make choices in preparation for future careers. I had never heard of them before, but the idea is certainly something I can get behind.

coconut cookies raw spoons

I wouldn’t say that I have a talent for baking per se but I’m not too shabby, so with the very limited instructions on the accompanying card I managed to turn out a small batch of rather tasty honey-oatmeal coconut cookies.

And the best part about these cookies: I won’t have to feel guilty when I eat them. After all, it’s for a good cause.

coconut cookies baked plate

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