Energy Dipping

It's been more than a week since I wrote my last post here. So much for one post a day.

My goal has been subverted by my low energy levels and the amount of time-consuming activities that have somehow cropped up over the past few weeks.

When I began my ambitious endeavor, I would somehow find time to write in the middle of the day or else I would make time in the evening. But there are times when a lot of things happen all at once: home improvement, celebrations and ceremonies, upkeep, and – how else with a baby – supefrequent loads of laundry, which in turn mean constant ironing, folding and putting away.

Some would say that if I was truly dedicated I would still make the time to write everyday and maybe that's true, but lately during the day I haven't found (made?) time, and in the evenings I'm done for the minute I sit down. Must be getting old.

Of course there's this to consider: that a little over four months ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. In contrast to the months after my lovely daughter was born (the aftermath of the delivery was shockingly difficult), in the first month and a half after my son was born I experienced a surge of energy. I could just keep going, 16 hours a day and a few hours more if necessary. I worked hard, found or made time to have fun, and slept very well indeed. After those first six weeks, though, my energy levels have steadily been dropping back to where they would logically be for full-time a mom of two.

What I need is energy management.

I've been taking steps to take my energy reserves and expenditures back into my own hands because surely there has to be a way for me to be smarter about this, to apply some healthy energy management and to find ways to create space and time for the things that are important to me, such as writing.

My first step in the right direction might sound counterproductive but it will actually help me regain some control over my constitution as well as clear my mind a bit, which is at least as important to fitness as the physical element is: I've started going to yoga/Pilates classes again (though I could still be more disciplined about attendance), and I've recently been given the chance and opportunity to teach my own yoga class – an exhilarating and extremely satisfying experience for which I can never thank my teacher or my students enough. It's a wonderfully empowering and energizing feeling to be able to share the benefits of a good yoga routine with an enthusiastic and appreciative group of people.

I know that initially I will be more tired because the regular fitness and exercise routines are shifting me into a different gear, but the positive effects will make themselves felt very soon.

Until then, I'll just pick up with my resolution to write a post every day. We begin, stumble, get up and start again. That's life.

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